About me

Within the group of Model-Based System Development (MBSD), I am doing my PhD at the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (ICIS), which is the Computer Science department of the Faculty of Science at Radboud University Nijmegen. I graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Science at Leiden University, at which I also was employed as Linux support staff during my studies. To view the setup of my work environment, visit the config page, and have a look at the projects i've been working on.

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I am currently involved in the project My Mobile and Smart Health Care Assistant (MoSHCA) funded by Information Technology for European Advancement (ITEA2). My interests lie toward probabilistic logic and parallel/distributed computing.


[5] G.H. Dal, A.W. Laarman and P.J.F. Lucas, "Parallel Probabilistic Inference by Weighted Model Counting", in Proceeding of the International Conference on Probabilistic Graphical Models, PMLR, vol 72:97-108, 2018.

[4] G.H. Dal, S. Michels and P.J.F. Lucas, "Reducing the Cost of Probabilistic Knowledge Compilation", in Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, vol 73:141-152, 2017.
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[3] G.H. Dal and P.J.F. Lucas, "Weighted Positive Binary Decision Diagrams for Exact Probabilistic Inference", in Journal of Approximate Reasoning, vol 90:411-432, 2017.

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[1] A. Hommersom, P.J.F. Lucas, M. Velikova and G. Dal, "MoSHCA – My Mobile and Smart Health Care Assistant", in Proceedings of the 15th IEEE International Conference on E-health Networking, Application and Services, pp. 188-192, 2013.
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Master thesis: "On GPU Fourier Transformations".
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Radboud University
2017-2018Software Development Entrepreneurship
2016-2017Requirements Engineering
2016-2017Software Development Entrepreneurship
Guest Lecturer
Radboud University
2014,2015GIT (distributed revision control)
Leiden University
2012Linux Command Line
Teaching Assistant
Radboud University
2014-2015Formeel Denken
2013-2014Software Development Management
Architectural System Design
Leiden University
2011-2012Fundamentele Informatica