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Seeds: BlogFeed / nnblog

The problem

Reading weblogs and web fora is a pain, and keeping up with them even more. I cannot stand having to point and click through all these discussion threads, and i prefer to read those things offline (eg in the train)

The solution

Both web fora and weblogs can be seen as a very fancy (read graphical, mouse oriented) news feed (where web logs are news feeds where only the owner of the weblog can start a new thread).

So let's write BlogFeed, a weblog-to-nntp gateway. This allows us to read weblogs and web fora using familiar news readers (that are far more suitbale to wade through all threads).

... All this this shouldn't be a surprise for GNUS users, that have been playing with nnslashdot for years. Let's call it nnblog...  

Last Version -
(Note: changeover from CVS to dotless svn version numbers on Jan 19, 2008, and changeover to GIT versioning on May 30, 2013.)
Maintained by Jaap-Henk Hoepman
Email: jhh@cs.ru.nl