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Seeds: Digital Matchmaker


Imagine you would be notified whenever someone with the same tastes or interests comes close to you? For instance, if he or she wears the same brand of clothes or shoes (or even the exact same types), or is listening to music you like, or is carrying your favourite book in a suitcase.

It's all possible with the Digital Matchmaker. Digital Matchmaker will (for example) light up your watch (but it could also be a neckless, a collar, or whatever), whenever that kind of person is closeby.


Implementation is straightforward. In the very near future all books, cd's and clothes will contain an RFID chip. All you have to do is to embed a RFID reader and a small database of your own RFID chip codes in the watch, and let the wacth lightup whenever it reads an RFID that matches one in the database.  

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(Note: changeover from CVS to dotless svn version numbers on Jan 19, 2008, and changeover to GIT versioning on May 30, 2013.)
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