Webpage of Bart Jacobs

Professor of Software Security and Correctness
Digital Security Group, Institute for Computing and Information Sciences,
Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Cyber Security Bachelor and Master

Nijmegen is the first university in the Netherlands with a bachelor programme in Cyber Security. Find out more information (in Dutch) and consider joining! A top Master in Cyber Security is jointly organised with the Technical University Eindhoven.


On Feb. 21 2019, I gave a talk at the Royal Institution in London about Electronic Identities in Europe, see the online video.


Research topics

My research concentrates on theoretical and practical aspects of security. On the theoretical side, my focus is on quantum logic and probabilistic computation, supported earlier by an ERC Advanced Grant, see also the EfProb Python library for probabilistic computation. On the practical side, I'm interested in identity and privacy management, see eg. the IRMA project and video on attribute-based authentication and signing, in security and privacy in personalised medicine (see the PEP technology), and in cyber security and intelligence and the broader societal aspects of computer security, see also the new interdisciplinary iHub that I am setting up for Security, Privacy, and Data Governance.

Research links

[picture of Bart Jacobs]
(photo by Anoek Bleumer)