“Certified Programming with Dependent Types” reading group @ iCIS

Upcoming and past talks

Year = 2016/2017

Date and time Topic/slides Presenter Location Misc
Tuesday 22nd of November Chapter 2: A quick example Benoit Viguier HG01.057  
Wednesday 7th of December @ 14:45 ~ 15:45 Chapter 3: Inductive Types Dan Frumin HG01.060 coq-induct.v
Tuesday 7th of Mar @ 16:00 Chapter 4: Inductive Predicates Niels van der Weide HG01.057 Inductive Predicates.v, some notes
Tuesday 14th of Mar @ 16:00 Chapter 5: Infinite data and proofs Henning Basold HG01.057 coinduction tactic by Catalin Hritcu
Tuesday 28th of Mar @ 16:00 Chapter 6: Subset Types and Variations Guillaume Allais HG01.057 Subsetbase.v, Subsetpartial.v, Subsetdec.v, and Subsetmonadic.v
Tuesday 4th of Apr @ 16:00 Chapter 7: General Recursion Dan Frumin HG02.028 RecWf.v, RecDom.v, RecCoind.v
(Prelim) Tuesday 19th of Apr @ 16:00 Chapter 8: More dependent types Niels van der Weide HG02.028  

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