Talen en Automaten (NWI-IPC002), exercises, 2nd quarter, Fall 2017

Information about lectures is given on a separate page.

There are weekly, compulsory homework exercises. The homework will be published on this page on Tuesday, the day of the lecture. It has to be handed in before the next Tuesday 8:45 hr. The graded work will be given back to you and will be discussed at the exercise session on the Friday after that.

Exercise classes (werkcolleges) take place on Friday morning 8:45 (except for Science (10:45) and pre-master + double bachelor (15:45) students)

Here are the locations of the exercise classes (please register for one of the groups on Blackboard):

Handing in your answers: put them (handwritten or typed) into the delivery box of your exercise class teacher on the ground floor of Mercator 1. All further details can be read from a pdf with homework exercises, which is posted every Tuesday on this page.

Exercises schedule.

  1. Topic: Languages, regular languages and regular expressions.
  2. Topic: Deterministic finite automata (DFAs), from DFAs to regular expressions.
  3. Topic: Non-deterministic finite automata and equivalence with deterministic finite automata.
  4. Topic: The pumping lemma and non-regular languages.
  5. No new topic (Halfway test on Tuesday 12/12)
  6. Topic: Context Free Grammars and Regular Grammars
  7. Topic: Push-down automata
  8. Topic of last exercise class: questions & practice for the second test